A Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach

Meet your mentor Charlotte Blair

I’ve helped 1000’s of people discover their strengths and facilitated hundreds of team and group sessions with global organisations in every industry.

Being high Maximizer and Significance I want to have an even greater impact on the world. I’ve always had an abundance mindset and happy to help other coaches. I believe that the meaning of TEAM is Together Everyone Achieves More. If I can help other coaches to meet their goals, we collectively reach more people.

What will you get from Coaching/Mentoring with me?

I will offer (a fun but) clear-eyed approach to help drive the achievement of your goals. I can help you use your key talents to grow your business, meet your goals and be an amazing coach and facilitator.

Based on my sales and facilitation experience I will help you with things like pricing, resources to use, structuring sessions and building your confidence.

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Key talents that will help you

My Woo cannot wait to make that connection with you and hear all about you!

My Activator will help you create a plan of action, and my Arranger can easily juggle the options of a dynamic environment and tie them back to the goals and outcomes.

My Command will encourage clarity, honest conversations, and push you to look at all options possible and drive for results.

My Positivity will bring the fun and humour to your journey!

Charlotte Blair

Who is Charlotte Blair?



Strengths based development

I help Managers and Teams discover and use their strengths so that they can find ways to work together better.

The Coaches’

I help you to help Managers and teams discover and use their strengths so that they can find ways to work together better.


Gallup Accredited
Strengths Coach

N Global Certified Coach 2013
N Advanced CliftonStrengths Coaching 2016
N Engaging Champions 2017
N CliftonStrengths Discovery Train the Trainer 2018
N Boss to Coach 2019

ICF Accredited Coach

Professional Certified Coach (ACC)

Herrmann Brain
Accredited Consultant


The Corporate

Having embarked on a career journey that traversed corporate sales roles with industry giants such as Verizon and Canon, I made a pivotal shift to coaching and facilitation in 2014.

As one of Australia’s foremost CliftonStrengths coaches, my extensive experience spans a diverse clientele spectrum, ranging from entrepreneurs to multinational corporations across various sectors including IT, Financial Services, Government, Non-profit, and Professional Services.

Throughout my career, I’ve conducted workshops engaging over 15,000 employees across 13 different countries.

My engagements have encompassed executive teams, leaders, managers, and individual contributors within renowned organisations such as Telstra, Australia Post, Mercer, Inchape, and The Transport Accident Commission.

My areas of specialisation include fostering employee engagement, amplifying voices through effective communication, and nurturing leadership capabilities, with a keen focus on navigating and driving change initiatives.

I’ve also been a speaker at Gallup Strengths Conference in Omaha;
– 2017 Growing Your Business
– 2018 Guiding Teams Through Change Using Strengths
– 2019 Sustaining a Strengths Based Culture


“Charlotte has a natural ability to ask persuasive questions demonstrating her influencing skills as well as focus and drive in working with teams and individuals to achieve their workplace or home goals. Her energy is contagious, her ideas innovative, her spontaneity refreshing and her vision clear, simple and connected to business outcomes.

Charlotte will offer (a fun but) clear-eyed approach to help drive the achievement of your goals. She can help you realise what makes you so unique, raise awareness of your key talents and how to apply them to improve your life.”


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