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I have spent most of my life in the field of Sales for Multi Nationals such as Canon and Verizon.  In 2011, after attending the Stephen Covey 7 Habits of highly effective people course, I decided my mission and purpose in life was not to be a great IT sales person...


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  • 4 x Guest on Called to Coach
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  • Engagement Champions
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Mentor the Coach

Everybody needs a coach and sometimes we need mentoring and advice too.


Review and bounce ideas

6 hours of time to use,
whenever and however you like.


12 months

Access to all the resources. Includes proposal templates, workbooks & slides.









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Thursday 11th August 2022 - 8:15am
(Australian Eastern Daylight Time)

Who conducts your mid-year review?
If like me you are an independent coach and do not have a Manager to do your mid-year review or maybe you aspire to be an independent coach and would like to make big things happen in the remainder of 2022, then this session is for you.

  • Come connect with other Gallup coaches and enthusiasts.
  • Reflect and celebrate on what has gone well for the first part of the year
  • Think about the rest of the year and what you want to achieve
  • Have the option to coach and or be coached
  • Develop an accountability partner to help you realise your plans and goals
We will use Zoom breakout rooms as well as group discussions.
This session will not be recorded.
Please note places are limited to 25 so please only book if you know you can make it. If you are in Europe, this time might not be so friendly. If there is demand I am happy to put a session on.

1.5 hr

Delivered via web conference

Monday 7th/ Tuesday 8th June 2021
(Australian Eastern Daylight Time)

The Power of Questions to GROW

2 hr

Delivered via web conference


Wednesday 21st/ Thursday 22nd April 2021
(Australian Eastern Daylight Time)

Thinking of becoming ICF accredited panel event with special guests Brent O'Bannon MCC Gavan Ombrosini PCC Bonnie Kim ACC

1.5 hr

Delivered via web conference


Wednesday 10 March 2021
(Australian Eastern Daylight Time)

Listening to and for teams, systems and ecosystems.
Oscar Trimboli

1 hr

Delivered via web conference




Charlotte always meets people where they are at. I have witnessed her work with some of the most seasoned coaches in our business to new professionals just recently certified. Her approach is tailored for the person in front of her. Her own extensive knowledge, experience and expertise spans all clients needs and goals.

Caren Leaf, MSW

Founder, Leaf Consulting, LLC

Abundant, generous and clear. Charlotte is so passionate about helping you be the best you can be, her enthusiam is infectious so that YOU start wanting to be the best.
Charlotte helped me and my colleagues harness new technology and skills for a client's team building workshop.

Nicola Shearer

Director, Little Springtime Ltd

Charlotte's wealth of experience and insights have truly expanding my own professional development. She balances having her own strong business acumen with where you want to go and explore. She validated what I know (for my own confidence) and created awareness around other ideas I would have never thought of. She masterfully helps guide me on my own journey.

Mark Russell

Founder & Principle Consultant, The Business Relationship Group LLC

Charlotte has a very effective way of "nudging" you towards that next step in your coaching development. As a coach trying to build a business, with strong Relator talents, the one on one sessions with Charlotte were invaluable.
Charlotte is very generous with her time and willingness to share her experience. She has a plethora of templates that she is willing to share which is helpful to guide coaches who are newer in the "business" of coaching.

Shaina Lane

Owner, Premier Professional Coaching

I gained insight into some new tools to incorporate into my training deliveries as well as validation on some of the tools I currently leverage. Time spent with Charlotte was invaluable and reminded me of some gems that I hadn't used in awhile as well as some new treasures to go and explore.
Charlotte's style is energizing, action-oriented, and fast while at the same time being accurate and thorough in answering my questions.

Traci McCausland

Strengths and Engagement Consultant, Follow your Strengths

Charlotte is willing to go to great lengths to assess needs and then work to fulfill those needs. She is intelligent, personable, and highly effective as she interacts with other coaches to make sure they have all the resources they need. I also appreciate her partnering efforts with Richard Sterry to promote understanding and effective use of a report generation software tool--Cascade. It has made a difference for me!

Claire Kent

Associate Professor of Business, Mary Baldwin University

If you're a certified coach and just starting out on your journey with Strengths or experienced and looking for a refresher on your coaching style or facilitation skills then Charlotte is someone I would not hesitate to reach out to. I will continue to use Charlotte as my go to person to continually improve my skills as a coach and strengths facilitator. My Advice - Don't think, pick up the phone and get her booked in! She's a life saver and knowing I have her in my network has increased my own confidence at going after other projects with clients because I know I have her as a sounding board. We all need a Charlotte in our lives, I'm happy I found her.

Andrea Ross

Managing Director, The Career Establishment

Charlotte is generous, direct and kind. She doesn't beat around the bush, she gets to business but in a way you know you are being taken care of - that she is making sure you get the most out of your time together. She is willing to share not only her experiences and ideas but also her vast resources and tools. She'll share what has worked (and hasn't) for her and coach you through how you might take the resources and make them work for YOU. And she'll do all this while keeping things positive, cracking jokes, and bringing a sense of ease to the process.

Maghan Haggerty

Founder, Connecting Dots Coaching & Consulting

Charlotte is able to navigate the dual roles of coach and mentor seamlessly. The rhythm of my sessions were fluid and seamless. Charlotte listened to my needs to asked clarifying questions so I received what I needed and wanted!
Regardless how long you have been coaching, everyone can benefit from having Charlotte as an experienced partner on your side!

Lisa Schmith

Owner and Coach, Meridian Leadership Solutions

Charlotte is a wealth of knowledge and wisdom. She has helped me brainstorm ideas for training and shared with me supporting materials. She has also walked me through ideas and concepts with demonstrations, which has been very helpful. I appreciate her practical style. All of this has given me reater confidence.

Dianne Ross

Coach, Elephant Conversations

Charlotte is a coach's coach. She truly fuels on helping others and her generosity with providing insight and materials to fellow coaches is amazing. I recommend working with Charlotte for anyone that is starting or that feels they need the next level of coaching regardless of their experience.
Others should engage with Charlotte because they will gain the confidence and poise that I did along with some helpful tips and tools to use in practice.

William Dippel

Owner, Bill Dippel Strengths Coaching

For nearly 2 years, I've WATCHED Charlotte engage to add value, serve and support coaches online. She both talks her talk and walks her walk. Each private coaching sessions is customized for me and my agenda. Charlotte not only met my HIGH expectations, she exceeds them each every time. Follow up emails contain customized resources and reference links to elevate my coaching practice and add even more value. I'm so grateful and excited for my upcoming coaching/mentoring sessions. I highly recommend Charlotte Blair as a credible coach and mentor. She is one of the best business tools I have. I only wish and would have found her years ago.

Renea Dippel

Awareness Coach & Guide, RevitaLife Massage, Mindfulness, Movement

When engaging in a conversation with Charlotte for the first time, the thing that stood out to me the most was the fact that I could tell she was really and clearly listening to every word I was saying with intent. She asked thoughtful and provoking questions - something that seems so simple yet something that I haven't quite felt with anyone else. Her behavior instills feelings of comfort, care, and genuine willingness to help. This is what made me feel valued and that our time together meant something to her.

Elena Pastore

Leadership and Career Coach, Elena Pastore LLC

I got so much value from just one session with Charlotte. As an experienced coach and facilitator it was so insightful and inspiring to spend 90 minutes working on my own offering as a coach and consultant. I had insights into why I do things, where I'm limiting myself and how I can add huge value to future client work. Working with Charlotte, as experienced strengths coach and facilitator herself proved to be a brilliant way for me to get ideas, inspiration and tools to keep getting better.

If you are looking to develop yourself so that you're more effective as a coach then I highly recommend Charlotte to provide tailored professional development that can have an instant and dramatic impact on the quality of your work and the effectiveness of your service.

Vanessa Davey

Director, Facillitator and Consultant, People Realm

The benefits are many... in the moment of coaching Charlotte effortlessly creates a safe space for you to explore your goals, struggles, challenges and purpose. You can lean on her coaching expertise to nudge the conversation forward and you always leave with a tangible outcome. As a bonus, simply taking note of her questions/way of framing is a skill to learn from in itself. And post the coaching experience, you are then in Charlotte's astounding headspace and can benefit from the endless ways she continues to make connections and foster growth and learning. If you're a certified coach and just starting out on your journey with Strengths or experienced and looking for a refresher on your coaching style or facilitation skills then Charlotte is someone I would not hesitate to reach out to. I will continue to use Charlotte as my go to person to continually improve my skills as a coach and strengths facilitator.

Gaye Rutherford

Sports Dietician and Strengths Coach

Charlotte provided me the benefit of space and a listening / processing partner. She has a wonderful ability to help me get out of my own head and figure out my next step or course of action.
Charlotte is generous with her time and attention; regardless of whether you are a paying client engaged in a multi-session journey, or just a one-off coaching chat to get you into motion. She is always thoughtful, and I consider her one of a handful of "master" coaches I truly trust and respect. You are doing yourself a favour by engaging with her coaching.

Chad Ahern

Gallup Certified Clifton Strengths Coach

Charlotte is professional, grounded with years of experience and extensive knowledge. She did an incredible job covering numerous materials, checking in with me along the way during our Zoom session. She provided invaluable insights on how to run coaching sessions and presentations, how to address questions that may arise, provided key materials to use and also helped me as a Certified Coach with my own personal talent themes and Strengths. Charlotte will exceed your expectations, I only wish I'd found her sooner!

Doria Clare Anselmo

M.A. Psychology/Gallup-certified Coach. Doria Clare Coaching Positive Psychology

Charlotte is very supportive and helpful in everyway. She is extremely knowledgeable in her craft. Don't hesitate to hire Charlotte. She understands CliftonStrengths at an Expert level and shares openly. She has a multitude of knowledge and resources at her fingertips and is a phenomenal coach.

Jonni Johnson

CEO & Chief Inspirer at RockIt Strategy


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8 years on

8 years, where has the time gone? They say time flies when you are having fun, how so very true. This year will mark my 8th year of becoming both an ICF and a Gallup Accredited coach.  My journey really started in March 2009 when I first took the Strengths Finder 2.0 as it was known then, at Verizon as part of a sales team.
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On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you enjoy your job?

I love my job but it has not always been like that. Why do I love my job now? Because I have the opportunity to do what I do best every day and my boss is super flexible, gives me regular feedback and enables me to play to my strengths. I have been working 32 years and I worked out, aside from the casual work I did in my teens, that I have had 8 distinct roles in my career.
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Happy New Year: A 2021 Retrospective

First day back to work for me for over a month.  I had one coaching call and a few emails in that time but other than that it was time with nature, family and friends.