Thinking of coming to the Gallup@work summit?  What’s the ROI?

I have attended every single Strengths Summit/Gallup@work Summit since they started in 2016, bar one virtual summit.

This post is from the lens of my dominant talent themes. Activator, WOO, Command, Arranger, Positivity, Responsibility, Communication, Maximizer, Individualization, Significance, Futuristic and Self Assurance. However, I have also spoken to LOTS of other people I know who have attended, and this includes some of their views. It also includes things I have heard from people sitting on the fence and my response back.


“It’s so expensive” – I hear people say. In comparison to what? There is no other event like it, how can you put a price on the connections you make?  I know people, including me, who have formed amazing long-lasting friendships from these events, masterminds, business partnerships, accountability buddies, thinking partners and heck, even a recent marriage between two amazing coaches! It’s your tribe all in one place, speaking your language.  That is priceless.


Why should I attend?

You get to meet Gallup legends in person like Jim Collison, Dean Jones and Danny Lee!

Think of what exactly you want to get from the summit – is it connections with other people (ME!), specific content, new ideas, inspiration, etc. If you go but never talk to anyone or just wander in and out of random sessions, then you’ll come away feeling like it was a waste of your time. My best strength relationships were created at the Summits.’

TyAnn Reichert Osborn


Top tips for connections

  1. Leverage the app Gallup provides for contact details, reach out, and make connections.
  2. Take a photo of them holding their pass with the talent themes on.
  3. Take a WOO with you, as they will connect you to others.

The variety of session topics from Wellbeing to Diversity and Inclusion, Engagement to Executive Coaching, whilst the agenda is not out yet Gallup never disappoints.  There is something for everyone, in fact, sometimes the most disappointing part is you can’t be in every session.


Top Tips for session topics

  1. Divide and conquer, if you know you can’t attend all the ones you want to, pair up with another person, take notes and share insights.
  2. Go for the topic you are most interested in, and the things you are most likely to use….yes, I know your Input wants it all, but what will you be doing with it?

Think about adding on some extra learnings whilst you are there, and attend a course at a reduced rate.


Where to stay?

Omaha has a wide variety of hotels, motels and Airbnbs.

Omaha has a wide variety of hotels, motels and Airbnbs.

The Hilton is super close to the conference venue with a walkway between the two, which is handy when it’s hot.  It’s where lots of people meet and connect and there is always someone in the bar to talk to, probably me.

I have stayed at 5 different hotels and they are much of a muchness in terms of rooms with the
exception of the Farnam which was an amazing standard and only opened in 2021. If you are
attending this years Pre Coaches event, Connect learn and share we have a discounted room rate for
anyone attending this event. Imagine up to a 100 independent coaches all staying in one place.

People Vs Thinking – Being with people might energise you, but it might drain you.  Play to your strengths.


Top tips

  1. Schedule time in for YOU, time to decompress, my introverted or thinking friends tell me this is a must.
  2. I often joke and say I don’t go to Omaha to sleep…but might get super grumpy if I don’t, so even the energizer Woo bunny needs to sleep, so prioritise, remember, what you want to walk away with? Learnings and connections,  they are not mutually exclusive.  The learnings happen outside of the room as much as inside the room with and from other coaches after the session, at dinner, in the bar, in a coffee shop.

On Sunday 2nd and Monday 3rd June we have an event for Coaches to learn with and from each other and make amazing connections.  To find out more visit


What’s the ROI?

Having formed strong connections with other coaches I have delivered work for others, given work
to others, learnt things I wouldn’t have without attending.

Get ICF, SHRM and HRCI Professional credit hours for attending.

From Melbourne, Australia, to Omaha Nebraska it’s 9253 Miles (14903km) it takes me over 25 hours of travel time one way and my flights alone typically cost $2,500-$3,000.  To me, it’s worth every single penny (or dollar).


Top tips for reducing costs

  1. If flying in, keep an eye on flight sales (I purchased my ticket in October during a Qantas sale and got it for less than any other year I have been coming)
  2. Select the option to ‘watch fare’ put a target fare in, and be notifed if it reaches that.  Make a note in your diary to check flight offers twice a week.
  3. Use any airmiles points you might have to book part of your flight.
  4. If in the USA, look to see who might be driving in from your state, and share a car, split the fuel costs.  Post a request on the Facebook page.
  5. Share a hotel room with another person.  I have done this 3 times; my prerequisite was that they didn’t snore. Post a wanted advertisement on the FB page looking for a partner to share with.  You then split the hotel bill.
  6. Looks to share an Airbnb with a few others.  A few of us did this one year and it was great fun.  The only thing to note is that if you are out of town, you will need to get taxis in and out of old market/conference area, which could eat into the savings you were making by sharing.
  7. Save yourself $149 on the price of your ticket. Gallup have a discounted rate when booking in a group of 5. Check out the discount link here. Who’s in your team, get a group of friends together and one person book!
  8. Reduce your restaurant costs by eating a good breakfast at the hotel if it’s included, filling up at lunchtime at the conference as there is always loads of food including fruit, and if eating out with others in the evening, set yourself a budget and stick to it.

“It’s such a long journey”Something I hear from other International visitors

I will set a challenge to anybody else, is it further than 9523 miles?  If I can make it so can you.


Top tips for the journey

  1. Break it up, stop over somewhere on the way and explore that part of the world/state/city
  2. Travel with a friend, one you already have or one you haven’t met yet! Find out who is coming in from your country, state, or town.  Again pop a post up on the Gallup Facebook page and make plans to travel together.
  3. Line up some great podcasts to listen to, books you have always wanted to read but never found the time. Write that blog you have never got around to, have some me time, watch a movie or even tidy up your PC file storage (that could just be me who’s is a bit messy)

If you work for yourself, you can claim most of your expenses on the business.  (I am not an accountant, so seek advice on what you can and can’t claim)

If you work for an organisation put a request in to see if they will cover your costs.  If they so no, then offer to pay for 50% of the costs, which shows you have skin in the game. If they ask when the ROI is for them, suggest a few options

  1. Conduct some lunch and learns on the learnings you bring back
  2. Write an article of the topic you learnt about sharing the data points
  3. Ask them what they are most interested in and, what would they see as an ROI? What would need to happen to make it an excellent investment for them?

 Gallup is the #1 polling company, leading experts on employee engagement.  They have all the data you need on the cost of not looking after your people, the benefits of strengths-based development and how to build strengths-based cultures.  If you already use strengths in your business you will pick up tips on how to further embed and keep it alive, which will be a greater ROI on money already invested.  Can they afford not to send you?

‘I say GO to this next one in June and you will learn more than you could ever imagine, make new connections with ppl you didn’t know you need in your life ☺️ and come away with so many new tools & resources that you can leverage in your work and in your life right away! I’d say just GO and you will be glad you did!’

Cindy Butts

Omaha is a beautiful city.  The old market area is amazing, with wonderful bars and restaurants.  You walk the street and hear people speaking your language and you get know they are strengths enthusiasts. Omaha has a fantastic art gallery that is well worth a visit and a stunning zoo.

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I am not paid by Gallup to say any of this by the way, I wish I was (and if there is anybody from Gallup reading this, you are welcome to pay me ;o)

I’m #MadeByDyslexia – expect curious ideas & curious spelling.


Charlotte Blair
5 January 2024