Happy New Year: A 2021 Retrospective

First day back to work for me for over a month.  I had one coaching call and a few emails in that time but other than that it was time with nature, family and friends.  We had 3 mini-breaks, 2 with the new caravan, one was scorching hot and the other wet and windy.  We did lots of projects around the house including harvesting 9 jars of honey from our bees, eating at some nice venues and catching up with friends.

I had planned to spend time on the business instead of in.  I sat by the pool at a beautiful winery writing my lists of small tasks and bigger goals.  I wrote a list of 10 different blog topics and wrote a grand total of 1 of them.

Facebook kindly offers you memories and reminders of posts from previous years.  I noted with a bit of guilt that my last year’s post around this time was ‘This time next year…..’ my goal was to be fitter and 10kg slimmer.  I didn’t quite achieve the 10kg slimmer part but did the fitter part.  This holiday in the garden I could do so much more than the year before after significant surgery. The weight loss goal started well last year and I lost 6kg, unfortunately, I put it back on again.  This was primarily down to me taking on too much, booking myself out fully and not leaving enough time between coaching sessions, workshops and calls to eat properly or exercise enough.

Infographic displaying a summary of Charlotte Blair's movements for 2021

2021 was my biggest revenue year ever but impacting my health goals.  Nothing major that I can not change and it was a lesson learned.  I have put much better measures in place to ensure I don’t repeat history.  Reflection is my goal and mantra for the first quarter of 2022 so I can learn fast and change where needed.

I am not going to beat myself up for not achieving my ‘this time next year goal’ maybe if I am an Achiever I might.  I will just reset the counter and try again.  I achieved so many other things on a professional front that with the joys of Covid I would have not thought possible.  I thank all of those who supported me and enable me to support you.

I look forward to working with some of you again in 2022 and helping you towards your goals.

Charlotte Blair
19 January 2022